Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chocolate Ville : European Village in Bangkok

I remember sitting comfortably in the van listening to Sam Smith while checking out Bangkok's city vibe. I was impressed with our transpo because it has super fast wifi on board. It was my first time to travel out of the country so i was extremely giddy about everything. I prepared a list of places, restaurants and shops I'm going. A week before the trip I saw this lovely place in Google. A village with European vibe and an Instagram perfect place, and apparently the village is also a restaurant so WIN WIN!

The little houses are all dinning place for the restaurant. Each place has a different vibe and represents a country from Europe. It felt like I was in a different place!

This is my sister and she's the best travel buddy! Sorry for the low quality photos all photos were taken 2 years ago and I used my old phone. Follow her Instagram @cucaypineda

That's my mom at the Italian inspired corner!

It gets prettier at night! We had our pre-dinner meal at the place and the food was equally amazing. They serve good desserts too! I was not able to take pictures of the food because we were in a bit hurry cause we had to go to another place to have our supper.

So we had to go back to Siam area for our dinner. Chocolate Ville was amazing! The place was not crowded. The vibe was so lovely and family friendly. So if you're planning to go to Thailand, this hidden gem in Bangkok should be included in your itinerary. Definitely deserves to be on top of your " places  to visit while in Bangkok ".

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From our hotel ( Siam area) we got a car service for just around 3,000 bhat for 7 pax. Package included halfday service around Siam area and Chocolate Ville. Travel time from Siam to Chocolate Ville was almost an hour.

Chocolate Ville
Kasetnawamin KM. 11 Rd
Kasetnawamin, Bangkok, Thailand
083 - 077 - 3738
Opening Hours: 4 PM - midnight 

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