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Sawadee ka! : Lived in Bangkok for 4 days

Days before our Bangkok trip I already googled all the places I wanted to go and restaurants I wanted to try in the city. I ended up having this super long list with me to squeeze in our 4 days trip. I didn't plan any itinerary, I wanted to be spontaneous. I didn't want to go to the usual tourist spot. I just want to eat local food, experience Thai hospitality and shop like locals do. Experience Bangkok like how I am in my own city. I'd like to live in the city, well I'd like to try for just 4 days.

Where we stayed : 

Hua Chang Heritage Hotel

As I was checking out hotels where we can book our 4 days stay at Bangkok, I stumbled upon this great hotel. I was impressed with the photos posted at the website. But if you know me, I have trust issues, so what I do every time I check out accommodations, I go to Instagram search the area and check out other people's photos. I was impressed because all the Instagram photos were great. I also wanted a place that's near restaurants and shopping area but that's not busy and noisy. Where I feel safe and I can relax and have peaceful time but at the same time I can just go down and shop at eat at trendy restaurants. Well, this hotel is the located at perfect place! It is located at the back of Siam Paragon mall, right infront of MBK mall and just walking distance to Siam Square. I thought, SOLD! This is the perfect home for this Bangkok trip.
The lobby of the hotel.

We booked for 2 Premium Rooms and another One bed suite for all of us. The one bedroom suite and the other premium room has their own receiving area and both rooms were connected to each other. The other premium room was also on the same floor so it was perfect!

The one bedroom suite has its own dinning area and living room. The masters bedroom has walk in closet, bathtub, his and hers sinks and a separate toilet and bath. The living area has powder room and a separate toilet for your guests. 

The premium rooms also has bathtubs and separate toilet and bath and a spacious closet area. All toilets have bidet control settings, temp of water, the amount and angle of water and with music too. Japan style! Each room has its own tablet controller where you can set music, AC temp and  control lights in all the areas of the room. No need to get up and switch off the lights in the bathroom. Convenient and efficient! All rooms are huge and clean!

The view from our room was the pool area.

The pool area was surrounded by lovely trees and flowers. It has a mini bar for those who would like to drink.


The hotel's restaurant was right beside the pool. We had our breakfast there everyday. The food was amazing! I was not able to take pictures of the place but it was lovely!

One particular area at the hotel that I instantly fell in-love with was the Ivory Lounge where you can just chill, read a book and have tea.

The hotel did not disappoint,  it was perfect!

Food :

I was obsessed with Thai fish sauce from day 1! Thai food is so delicious that I just want to go back to Thailand just to eat. Even the food at our hotel was beyond expectation.

We ordered room service a bit often because we tend to get hungry at midnight from all the walking and shopping.

Padthai is everything! I love padthai so much I ate it everyday when I was in Bangkok! Eating padthai in Manila will never be the same after this trip. We went to Chatuchak Weekend Market for 2 days I ate the best padthai and grilled squid there. Sadly I was not able to take pictures. They have the prettiest milkshakes and fruit shakes!

The coconut ice cream in a coconut shell is surprisingly delish! It was so good that  I went back to get another serving!

Our pre-dinner meal at Chocolate Ville. Click here to check out my blog post about Chocolate Ville.

Our late night dessert cravings with Hello Kitty.

We also tried Mr. Jones Cafe at Central Mall.

We also tried the food center at Siam Paragon mall, everything was delicious! Thai fish sauce is the best. I wish I hand carried one!


Because we were literally surrounded by shopping malls we went to all the malls around us. We also went to Chatuchak Weekend Market for 2 days. I AM OBSESSED WITH THE PLACE! Literally they have everything you need and every piece is beautiful! I bought so many thing to bring home for family and friends.

Siam Paragon Mall

Shopping in Bangkok was amazing everything is available and waaaay cheaper than in Manila!


We initially didn't plan on going to any temple in Bangkok because we knew there were so many tourist and it can be a bit crowded. But for some reason we decided to try one temple cause anyway we were in Thailand and why not right?

We went to the Sleeping Buddah Wat Pho Temple. The place was so beautiful! I fell in love with the temple, it has a peaceful aura. I thought, visiting this temple was actually a great idea. Despite the number of tourist visitors it still has that solemn feel and I loved that.

Four days trip in Bangkok was not enough to get around. I honestly miss the place because of the food and shopping. Bangkok felt like home away from home, the city looks so much like Manila but cleaner.

Sorry guys for the low quality photos!

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