Monday, September 5, 2016

How to Chill Bohol Style : 8 things to do in Bohol

I'm not the adventurous type of traveler. I was before, but when I started working I enjoyed more of the me time or just chill time with family and friends. Living in the city makes me long for the simple living. I get excited when I see trees, carabao, rice fields, sand and water. I've always wanted to live near the beach and just chill, read a book and listen to jazz and bossa songs for the rest of my life. Clearly that's impossible, so everytime I get a chance to go on vacays I go for the chill time.

We chose Bohol because why not? Not your usual summer destination, not crowded as Boracay but has alot to offer. Bohol is beautiful! Chill vibe, good food and super friendly people.

1. Loboc River

Though this one was a bit crowded, the line was fast so I was okay with it. We boarded a big raft with dining tables, a huge buffet counter in the middle with different Filipino dishes and a band serenading us with Filipino songs. The food and the band was okay but the view was amazing. It was refreshing to see that amount nature in one place.  Take advantage of the cruise, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the view because you don't always get that in the hustle and bustle of Manila.

2. ATV around Chocolate Hills

A little adventure time riding the ATV. Get a different view around the beautiful chocolate hills.

3. Man Made Forest

4. Balicasag Island

Snorkling spot in Balicasag Island. Plus super nice locals!

5. Virgin Island

Powdery white sand of Virgin Island.

6. Dolphin Watching

We had to wake up early to get a glimpse of the dolphins in the ocean. Sunrise in the ocean was amazing!

7. Firefly Watching

We went in the middle of the mangroves and watch the fireflies on the trees like Christmas lights. It was magical we were not able to take pictures of the fireflies  because all we had with us was a camera phone.

photo grabbed from Intagram @mjrpineda23

8. Take Advantage of the Beachfront and Facilities of the Resort

This resort is perfect for family trips! Child friendly facilities, the have the best beach front chill spots, super relaxing ambiance, great service and yummy food!


The resort was amazing and everyone was super accommodating. Will definitely go back!

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