Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tokyo Japan Summer 2015 Part 1 : Harajuku

Harajuku is the most kawaii place in Tokyo! We went to Harajuku at night time to see the kawaii lights. It felt like I was in a huge cosplay event. This is the Harajuku Station at night.

Harajuku is one huge shopping haven! They have everything from high end brands to affordable local brands.

Gindaco Takoyaki!!

Takeshita Street 

The Harajuku crêpe scene is on another level! You'll surely buy one cause it's too kawaii and yummy!

Holy Crêpe


We tried another crêpe place. This one is a smaller store but the line was a little longer so we thought we should try it.

We also got the choco banana crêpe but this is is the best! Strawberry, with strawberry flavoured whipped cream, strawberry syrup, strawberry ice cream and cheesecake! Holy Mother of all Crêpes! 

Different restaurant themes and so many store concepts, it was crazy beautiful.

Don't miss out on the different cosmetic shops! They are on sale and they carry different japanese brands.  Also, check out the huge 3 floor Diaso shop. I spent almost an hour because everything in the store was lovely! 

Every corner has a different look but it has the same vibe.

We decided to call it a night because we were too tired from all the walking that day and the stores were closing too. 

Harajuku is so KAWAII in all levels. They have all the cutest stuff from home decor to clothes, cosmetics and even the cutest snacks! You'll definitely love the vibe of Harajuku.

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