Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tokyo Japan Summer 2015 Part 3: Shinjuku

Shinjuku is like Shibuya but on the high end level.
It has everything from food to different clothing brands to electronic shop. 
There's hug malls and high end hotels everywhere! 

Hello Mr. Crab!

We found Nanbantei of Tokyo in Shinjuku!
They serve yummy yakitori and way better than the one we have here in BGC. Well, I think It should be because I'm in Japan right? Anyhow, Japanese has a tradition that they go to a yakitori place after working hours to de-stress or to just socialize with workmates and friends. They usually pair it with beer. So if you'll notice, there are lots of clothes hanger around the place, actually when you go to Japan you'll see clothes hanger in almost every restaurant. They use it to hang their blazers or coats after a day at work to chill, eat and drink with friends. Don't you just love that?

Everything we ordered tasted divine. Most of the the restaurants in Japan won't let you wrap your left overs because they don't want the quality of their food to reduce. You need to eat it while it's fresh and hot from the kitchen. So DON'T OVER ORDER IN JAPAN. Well even if you'll do so you might be able to finish everything because food in Japan is soooooooo GOOD!

We also went to Odakyu Mall in Shinjuku because I need to hoard some Japan make-up. The nearest  Naturactor store from me is Odakyu Mall. Girls, if you're going to Japan and you like Naturactor hoard as many as you can! It's way cheaper in JP. So after my make-up shopping with my sister-in-law we decided to eat at the basement area of the mall where the shinjuku train station connects. We found this cute little restaurant where peolpe just sit, eat and read. LOVELY! We ordered Beef Yakiniku and Katusdon.

Don't worry Imma KATSU

Beef YUMMYniku

Shinjuku is more on the western side in structure and building design compared to Shibuya.

You'll see dessert stand everywhere you go! 

Selfie time for Chelsea! 

Yummy ice scream shop beside Odakyu Mall.

Summer in Jafun made miso happy! Put Shinjuku on your places-to-go-to while in Japan. You'll surely love it!

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