Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tokyo Japan Summer 2015 Part 4: Tokyo Disneyland

You know what they say about Disneyland right? For me, I was the happiest person at THE happiest place on Earth. At least I think and feel so, or maybe second happiest person next to Chelsea (my niece, she's the cutest!) .  It was one hot summer day, not as hot as the weather in Manila but it was sunny the whole day. We got tickets for our bus ride from Shinjuku station to Tokyo Disneyland. The trip was 45 mins, the bus was comfortable and ON TIME. I love riding public transportation in Japan because they are always on time. I suggest that you take the bus to Disneyland if you're staying around Shinjuku, Harajuku or Shibuya area. It's so much easier, hassle free and comfortable than riding the train and transferring on different train lines.

Map, ticket price and bus schedule below or visit this link >> Disney Bus

It was my first Disneyland experience and for a 24 year old disney obsessed fan, that day was pretty magical.

We went there August last year and coincidentally it was the summer break of Japanese schools so the theme park was crowded.

The disney train.

Cinderella's Castle.

We had breakfast first, sweet and chilli beef yakiniku with rice, veggies and egg. Yums!

Chelsea the cutie pie.

Mark Twain cruise.

Because we were there early, we were able to watch the first parade in the morning. Because it was summer so they showered the people with water hoses while mickey and the whole disney gang sang and danced. It was fun!

We had lunch at the Queen of Hearts' restaurant. You need to reserve your restaurant for lunch or fall in line early because food lines are super long.

The place looks amazing! It felt like we were in a movie seen.

We had steak and roasted chicken and sweets for lunch. The food was really good too!

Hotdogs and soda!

They also have the afternoon parade! Super nice!

Inside Cinderella's Castle.

Yummy Minnie Mouse Ice Cream.

The light parade at night was super lovely!!! The parade was long and they had so many floats!

It was magical! I wish I can go to Disneyland everyday but too bad we don't have it here in PH.

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