Thursday, December 22, 2016

Quick Cebu Trip: Kandaya Resort Photo Diary


Kandaya Resort Cebu Beach

We went to Cebu for a quick vacation with family and friends. It was a last minute trip so we had to do the planning quickly. I saw this lovely resort, it was their soft opening and I thought, why not try the resort.

The place was AMAZING! I think it was just us in the resort and a couple of other guests. It was peaceful and serene, just what we need.

It was a long 3 hour ride from the airport, it was extremely convenient though we had captain seats, dvd movies, hot towels and free drinks and snacks on board.

Check out our photo diary below.

Kandaya Resort Cebu Beach

The main hotel building.

Kandaya Resort Cebu BeachKandaya Resort Cebu BeachKandaya Resort Cebu Beach

Kandaya Resort Cebu Beach

Palm Trees lined at the sea shore.

The food was amazing! We had 4 cheese pizza for dinner and other asian food. Though their food selection at the menu was limited. Dinner set up at the restaurant was pretty and they have a live band to serenade us.

Kandaya Beach Resort Cebu

Kandaya Resort Cebu Beach

Pool after sunset.

Kandaya Resort Cebu Beach

Our favourite spot at the beach! It was windy, quiet and so peaceful. You just want to read a book, sleep or listen to music while doing nothing.

Kandaya Resort Cebu Beach

Accommodation includes use of snorkelling gear, kayak, paddle board and daily scheduled activities like yoga craft making etc.

Kandaya Resort Cebu Beach

Trees everywhere.

They serve buffet breakfast even if the total guest are just below 10 pax. Breakfast buffet options are amazing! They even cooked special request dishes without charge and served fruit juice that's not included in the buffet. The service is amazing!

Our everyday breakfast view, super lovely!

Beach side chill spot.

View from the pool side.

We asked the front desk if they can set up a picnick area beside the beach, they were very accommodating and immediately made arrangements for our request. UNLIMITED drinks for our picnic!

Ofcourse, our sunset session by the beach. It was lovely.

Never ending love affair with sunsets.



Mango Sago with Ube Ice cream
Dinner and desserts again for dinner.


We got two rooms for 4 people. It was spacious and the facilities are above average.

FREE COFFEE. Well I don't drink coffee so no big deal.

They have the best shampoo and conditioner! I don't know why but I'm extra obsessed with the quality of toiletries in hotels. The mangosteen body wash was amazing too!

Interios of the restaurant. BEAUTIFUL!


photos credits: Instagram @tessadiazz

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