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Kota Kinabalu: Gaya Island Resort


Gaya Island Resort

I was a little skeptical about going to KK at first but when I was about to hit the pay button on the website I thought, screw it! I'm going. I finally booked my roundtrip ticket to Kota Kinabalu. I felt a little uneasy because the place was bit scary because of the news, but what the hell?! I tried to convince my sister to join the trip. Knowing her, she's always on the go. She booked her ticker right away and voila! We tried googling all blogs related to Kota Kinabalu, what to see, what to do and what to eat blah blah blah. But the only thing we wanted to do was to just lay down, sleep, wake up on the beach, eat, listen to good music, and just chill. Sounds amazing right? We started to look for hotels or resorts we can stay in. We found this AMAZING resort and SOLD! We packed our bags and went on a vacation. The flight was around 2 hours from Manila. We boarded the AirAsia flight from Manila to Kota Kinabalu.

gaya island resort
The flight was really short, KK is just near PH so that's a plus point! 
gaya island resort
Our view from the plane.


Upon arriving, we went straight to immigration, got cleared, grabbed our bags at the carousel, got a cab at the taxi counter in the airport then off to the yacht club to ride the speed boat to the resort.
Everything was easy, the airport was tiny so it was so easy to navigate. We also got a cab at the taxi counter inside the airport, just let them know where exactly you're going. They will give you a coupon, you'll then have to pay for it and the cab will bring you exactly where you need to go.
The taxi counter is located at the right side of the arrival area. The fare from airport to Sutera Harbour is RM30, in peso around Php330.

The Marina is beautiful and clean! We initially planned to have snacks at the yacht club but our flight was delayed so we had to immediately proceed to the Gaya Island Resort office inside the marina. 
We made it! we were just on time for the next boat. We boarded the speed boat and off to paradise!                                

                               GAYA ISLAND RESORT

After a smooth 15 minute ride at the speed boat, we are finally here at the resort! We were greeted by the hotel staff with welcome drinks and cold towels. 
gaya island resort

Amazing clear emerald water. It was so clear that walking from the dock to the main reception area, we can see the school of fish and star fish! 
I thought, finally a vacation I needed! We were excited and giddy as the hotel staff escorted us to the check in counter. We finaly arrived and we're ready to check in. The staff asked for or booking
confirmation and our passports. They told us to wait for a while and enjoy the view. Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of the beautiful view but believe me it was amazing! After a few minutes a smilling lady went to us to greet us. I was surprised that she spoke our language (filipino). Pinay siya! It was refreshing to see someone from our country. It was so nice of the hotel to hire different nationalities to personally escort the different guests. GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!
She gave us our keys to our villa. Then we decided to have lunch at the resort restaurant.


The view from the restaurant is the beach. The beach was lovely! Fine white sand, crystal clear water, salty wind and smiling sun. It was perfect in every angle. The beach was large enough and it was not crowded just the perfect private beach we wanted.

Kota Kinabalu Gaya Island ResortKota Kinabalu Gaya Island ResortKota Kinabalu Gaya Island ResortKota Kinabalu Gaya Island Resort

We had the most amazing time at the beach, hanging, reading a book, non-stop gossiping and just relaxing. 

Our Villa

We booked the canopy villa, it was huge. It has its own walk-in closet with full length mirror, office area, lanai with couches and pillows, separate toilet and bath , and a huge bathtub that can fit 4 people. Super huge bed and complete entertainment set.


Our view from the room was lovely, it was peaceful serene and calm. The photo on the right is the pathway to the beach from the villas.

Pool Area

The pool is huge and pretty. Over looking the ocean our view from the pool was half ocean half city lights. It's like you're on a private island but the city is just a few minutes away. It has the most perfect pool chill spots. They have those lovely beds near the pool, a bar, and a lounge area. The beach is just a few steps away from the pool so if your bored at the pool you can just easily go to the beach and have the best time.


Watching the sunset is my favorite thing, it was amazing the skies are purple and it was lovely. 

I especially love the fact that the resort has it's own private island where you can have your lunch served if you arrange it ahead of time. We boarded the speed boat to the private island and it was magical. White sand beach and amazing ambiance. They have a little restaurant for those who would like to eat and have lunch in the island.

There's also monkey lurking around the island and other wild animals too. They were cute tho, and a little used to people in island. They served our lunch, we had a 4 coarse lunch meal that we pre-arranged.

Mango sticky rice! YUMMMMM!

Amazing Spots

They resort has so much to offer. They have so many amazing spots! Our favorite spots are the library and the open room overlooking the beach and the pool. It was so cozy and lovely. 

Another sunset session in this cozy place. We spent another afternoon after an amazing dip at the pool. We had the best time! I love the everything about this resort!

We got the full broad meal with speed boat transfers for this booking. It was easier for us because everything was pre-arranged. They also have a daily schedule of activities all guest are invited to join. Craft making, cooking, games and amazing art sessions.

We will definitely come back!

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